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The Ultimate Planner (Aug 2017 July 2018)

So, I’m sure you have heard by now that our planner is ready!

Why did we create a planner you ask? The short story is because I got tired of paying  for a cute planners that didn’t meet my needs.
I want to pray more, but if I don’t plan for it, it doesn’t happen . . .
I want to be better at planning my meals and my shopping trips. However, without everything in one place I forget to get the appetizer for that potluck, or I forget to get the ingredients for a birthday cake. 
I need my calendar in front of me when 
I plan meals and shopping for the month . . .

And for the week . . .
And for once in my life I want all my bill information in one place!
We asked lots of moms what their dream planner would look like, and after taking into account all of their wonderful ideas, we are pretty sure it looks a lot like this: 
Lots of space to write your daily activities with sectioned areas for notes, goals, meal planning, and reminders all in the same place. 
Painstakingly chosen quotes to get you going, make you laugh, and inspire you.


Shopping lists on every single page which you can rip or cut out. 
Copious room for notes, not only on the weekly sheets, but in between each month. 

And of course, it needs to be pretty and so we had readers vote on the cover and I simply love the way it turned out. 


My children see me on my phone more than enough. I am trying to get back to pen and paper as much as I can. 

Here at Mothering Sunshine we are struggling through the joys and challenges of motherhood together. This planner is to me a symbol of this mission. As I write out my prayer intentions for the month, I know I am part of a community of women who are also in the midst of writing out their intentions and using the same planner. We are working together, praying together, and planning together. 

This planner is a simple, but well thought out, way to keep the many separate aspects of our lives working in unison, without four different apps or four separate notebooks. 

Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing this post with others so that many women can benefit from this planner!
Lots of Love, 
P.S. Once you purchase your planner, head over to our facebook page and comment on a post to let us know you got one! You could win a copy for a friend! 
P.P.S. I think my very favorite thing about the planner is the meal planning. Not only does the layout of the planner help with proper meal planner and smarter shopping, but it serves as a log of meal ideas. In one year I will have an amazing record of meals to help with meal planning ruts. 


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