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A Letter From The Editor: Receiving and Giving in February

Hello dear readers:

January has come and gone. Are you left with a sense of excitement, ready to leap into the remainder of 2018? Did January wear you down leaving you unsure of how to tackle the new year? Or did it fly by so quickly that you don’t have a sense of anything — least of all, a sense of time?

In my family, January was a month of receiving. We received some wonderful and welcome news and shared it with our children right away. Of course, there would have been no hiding it, as nausea and tiredness took a hold of me quicker than ever before. Our January also included a car accident with scary airbags. Then later, we had a scare with the pregnancy. All is well in both cases. Praise the Lord.

Through all of this we were sustained by the thoughtfulness of our friends and family. With phone calls, texts, and prayers, we received love. With meals delivered on difficult nights, my mom taking the kids over a weekend, my sisters helping with the kids, and my three year-old loading me up with all of his stuffed toys while I lay on couch, I received love. As I reflected on the ways others have given to my family over the past month I thought it would be nice to pay a tribute to gift  during the following month.

Giving love

This February you can expect The Ryan Table to be full of ways you can give love to those around you. We will have a recipe for a Tricky Treat (something special you can give your kids without giving them a sugar shock). We will show you a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to make for a family who might need a boost. You will also find tips for giving the gift of attention to others around the dinner table. This February, we want to remember that it doesn’t take a lot to show you care a lot.

Lastly, you can also look for a brand new “Dear Jenny” column — where I will answer a question from a reader. The question may be about cooking, feeding a large family, table manners, getting kids to eat, or anything on your heart. You can email your question directly to: I look forward to answering your questions!

With love,

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


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