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Printable Valentine’s Treat Gift Tags (and a simple treat to make)

The days between Halloween and Valentine’s are full of excuses for candy. That’s why giving treats that are not pure sugar to your kids, your kids’ teachers, or to your friends for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) can be a very welcome surprise. You can download a free printable tag to give your gift a little polish. To get the downloadable just enter your email here and you will find it in your inbox!

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Perhaps my favorite way to create a quick and simple treat is by drizzling a bit of chocolate and adding a few sprinkles to pretzels. It also jazzes up any cookie, energy bite (fake cookie), bisscotti, or popcorn.

I love using Wilton Candy Melts because you don’t have to temper chocolate or worry about it not drying firmly. The melts are quick and easy to use and the chocolate turns out just the way I want it to — every single time. (This is not a sponsored post, just a friendly tip!)

If you haven’t drizzled chocolate before, just know that it is fun and easy. Lay out your pretzels on a cooling wrack or on parchment paper and use a spoon to let the chocolate drizzle down. If you want drizzles all the way around the pretzels, simply flip them when dry and repeat. Make sure to leave the end of the pretzel chocolate free for a place to hold onto it!

Bag them up, tie them up, and tag them up. Win mom of the year award (or friend of the year, that works for me too). Simple.

Get the Printable Valentine’s Treat Gift Tags:

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